New evidences on the complicit of the Iraqi government as a new massacre is waiting to happen against emo and LGBTQ youth

A new wave of emo youth murders in Iraq is expected to take place today March 11th and tomorrow the 12th. A list (pictured here) has been posted, naming future targets of emo youths to be executed in their respective districts (numbered). The note was posted, two weeks ago, in three neighborhoods of Baghdad: Al-Sadr … Continue reading

Massive Killings of LGBTQ and Emo youth in Iraq – What is the story?

Since 6th of February there have been continuous reports of massacres of youth who do not conform to a strict normative dress code and/or sexualities, up 90 people have been killed so far. Attacks, kidnapping torture and murder of ‘Emo’ youth (roughly equivalent to Punk/Goths) and individuals perceived as gay, lesbian or trans continue to … Continue reading