Tying the Knot – movie review

A look at struggles of real gay couples in the US from the sixties to 2004 Tying the Knot is a documentary first premiered in May 2004 at the Tribeca Film Festival. The documentary was directed by Jim de Sève. His husband Kian Tjong was involved with the production along with a team of four … Continue reading

A Dying Gay Brother Inspires a Children’s Story on Tolerance

In a world where gay rights recognition vary tremendously from recognition of same-sex marriage or other types of partnerships, to the death penalty as punishment for same-sex sexual activity or even expression of identity, many of us are longing for positive change and cutting with prejudices, hate and fear of the different. From such thoughts, … Continue reading

Netherlands Opens it’s Doors to Gay Iraqis

The Dutch government has announced it will grant asylum to LGBT Iraqis, after declaring Iraq is no longer safe for them. Pink Paper – Immigration minister Geert Leers temporarily halted the deportation of gay Iraqis last month after an alert from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs warned it was impossible to be openly gay in … Continue reading

Assem Al Tawdi, a hero that puts a face on Arab LGBT rights movement

Assem Al Tawdi, founder of arabs4tolerance shares with us in this interview his life experience regarding gay rights activism.   Gayday: Tell us about your site ‘arabs4tolerance.org’, when did you start it and what is it’s mission? Assem: I started my site arabs4tolerance.org about a year ago. And I did that because I felt and … Continue reading

12 Droits dont on ne Possède Pas!

Par Fadi. Les lois affectants les personnes Gays, Lesbiennes, Bisexuelle et Transgenre (LGBT) varient énormément d’un pays à un autre. Ils incluent mais ne sont pas limités à: la reconnaissance du gouvernement des relations de même sexe, l’adoption LGBT, l’orientation sexuelle et le service militaire, l’égalité d’immigration, lois anti-discrimination, lois des crimes d’haine  concernant la violence contre les personnes LGBT, lois sur la sodomie, lois anti lesbianisme, et les … Continue reading

Call for IGLYO Member Organizations: Boycott the General Assembly in Tel Aviv

Published on Bekhsous. Please read this previous call for IGLYO members to vote NO to IGLYO in Israel.   Dear IGLYO Board of Directors, Member Organizations and Supporters, It is with great disappointment that we received the voting results from IGLYO regarding the upcoming General Assembly meeting in Tel Aviv in 2011. We were deeply disheartened to learn … Continue reading

History of Anti-Gay Marriage

The topic of gay marriage has only recently become a widely-debated issue. Gay couples began to demand equal civil rights, including the right to the legal protections of marriage, in the early 1970s. But public comment against gay marriage didn’t begin until material moves toward legalizing the act were made. As a consequence, anti-gay marriage … Continue reading

BREAKING NEWS: Historic Decision: UN Human Rights Council Passes First-Ever Resolution on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity

Adapted from the ILGA: INTERNATIONAL LESBIAN, GAY, BISEXUAL, TRANS AND INTERSEX ASSOCIATION   Today’s resolution is the first UN resolution ever to bring specific focus to human rights violations based on sexual orientation and gender identity, and follows a joint statement on these issues delivered at the March session of the council. It affirms the universality … Continue reading