Gay Capricorn

Birthdays: Dec 22 – Jan 19

Element: Earth

Planetary Ruler: Saturn

Quality: Cardinal

Polarity: –

Stones: Onyx

Keywords: Builder, User, Organizer, Achiever and Climber

Profile & Characteristics — The Sea-Goat is a mythological figure symbolizing the dual nature of Capricorn. It alludes to the evolution of spirit from the sea of the collective unconscious to physical materialization and embodiment on earth. If they’ve retained the sympathetic nature of their fish-self, they’ll eventually rise to serve humanity. But a duality of choices offers them the option of scaling the mountain to gain control over those below for selfish, personal ends. However, Capricorn represents the father figure, and unless they’ve been severely wounded by their own father, they probably have the welfare of the community or family at heart. They enjoy regulating and managing others’ affairs and take pride in providing for, directing and protecting others.

Capricorns strive to be in control of their life and use it as a selling point to manage or master others. Constantly aware of their actions, they present a public image of confidence, poise and virtuosity. They may cut loose occasionally, but only behind closed doors. They’re practical, serious and methodical with a cautious, careful attitude, because taking chances makes them unsteady and insecure. Unfounded fears, impatience or an insatiable appetite for power could bring out their unsympathetic, dictatorial, opportunistic side.

Love & Feelings — Capricorns present an appearance of dignity and protect themselves from the emotional pain of criticism by maintaining their distance and keeping their own counsel. When they’re sure of a person’s approval, they’ll drop their guard and be very witty, dispensing humor with a provocative edge.

They enjoy entertaining on a grand scale and prefer cultivating relationships with people of high social standing who will boost their prestige. They desire a down-to-earth type who’s reliable, compassionate, loyal, patient, trustworthy, industrious and shares their material ambitions and love of social status.

Capricorns might meet their type at banks, jewelry stores, florists, art galleries, music events, fine carpet stores, cattle farms, coral reefs, cultural centers, piano stores, sculpture gardens, treasuries and among singers.

Sexual Behaviors & Performance — Sexually, Capricorns tend to be bottoms.

Tops Capricorns
Sex evokes the best they can offer. They are planners and schemers. They prefer partners that know what Capricorns enjoy and expect them to be willing and ready whenever they want to. Top Capricorns have the endurance of marathon runners. During sex they will hold off until their partner is ready to scream. Their sexual positions: Anything anal, for they love to give and receive anal pleasure.

Bottom Capricorns
They don’t need much foreplay they can go from zero to WOW in nothing flat. They are not interested in exotic variation, only in staying power. Since they like to dominate, they like to be with their legs on each side of their partner to set a rhythm and please themselves. Once into the rhythm, sex becomes a wild contest with orgasm being the prize. Bottom Capricorns are most great sex mates for multiple orgasms. They definitely enjoy screming and straching.

Health Characteristics — Capricorn’s most vulnerable areas are the skin, teeth, knees, bones, joints, nerves and digestive system.

Capricorns could suffer from all the ills that commonly afflict these areas, but the mind is probably the culprit behind dysfunctions. To test this theory, Capricorns should try to get through a day without a worry. Adding other negative mental states like despondency, depression, discontent and nervousness, could do some major damage. Instead, choosing to take deep stress-releasing breaths, develop faith, incorporate cheer, embrace self-love and build self-confidence on a daily basis until it becomes a natural part of existence.

Capricorns should periodically treat themselves to a vacation in a warm climate in the most lush atmosphere they can afford.

In The Work Place — Capricorns may encounter delays and problems along their career or business route, but they’re part of the journey, not the destination. They should be persistent and flexible, and seek positions that offer opportunities for self-expression and mobility.

Capricorns should consider working in writing, communications, primary education, transportation, sales or a secretarial position. Their shrewd mind and talents for organization, administration and management make them an ideal candidate for corporate executives or political positions, but they may gravitate towards the arts, specializing in design, painting, sculpture, music composition or poetry. Capricorns could successfully run a business in the fashion, beauty, art or entertainment industry.



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