Tragic Homophobic Murder of Gay Italian in Tunisia

A tragic and homophobic murder of a Gay Italian in Tunisia sheds light on the vulnerable situation of Tunisian Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender people.   An Italian national tourist, was found dead, murdered, in his apartment in the medina, Hammamet city, a touristic city on the east-northern coasts of Tunisia. Reports indicate he was … Continue reading

Homophobia in Tunisia: People Hate Gays Because of What Straight People Do!

By Rahma Sghaier Rahma Sghaier, 19 years old straight girl. She’s a political and judicial sciences student who cares about Human Rights. In her article contribution, Rahma explores from a personal experience the different reasons behind homophobia in Tunisia.   Homophobia in Tunisia is a very common unhealthy attitude. Unlike many people think, homophobia is … Continue reading

Tunisian Human Rights Minister Rejects Gay Rights UNHRC Recommendations

By Fadi Krouj and Dan Littauer Tunisian minister of human rights, transitional justice and spokesman of the Tunisian government, Samir Dilou has rejected a recommendation by the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) to decriminalize same-sex acts, stating that sexual orientation was a western concept which is incompatible with Islam, Tunisian culture and traditions. In … Continue reading

l’Homosexualité en Tunisie, vue d’ensemble et prochaine étapes

Article par Admine page: Association Gay et Lesbiennes LGBTT (Tunsie) Personne n’a eu le courage d’aborder le sujet de l’homosexualité puisque c’est déjà une affaire classée pour certains : c’est un pêché. Mais si on prend le risque de s’aventurer dans ce monde là, on va découvrir toutes sortes de choses. Et c’est ce que … Continue reading

Celebrating our First 12 Months of Shared Love, Care and Struggle!

Tunisia- A Social Revolution? Is it ever Good Time to Speak up for LGBT Rights?

Online homophobic reactions are excessively taking place on the Tunisian corner of the internet. The reactions stirred first by the unprecedented outing of an un-authenticated black and white video, filmed by a prison security camera. The video features the current Minister of Interior, Ali Laarayedh, member of the ruling moderate Islamist Party, Ennahda, in an intimate and … Continue reading

Live Happy, Live Hidden: Tunisian True Story

By Nico Jah, an adventurer, climber and radio DJ currently residing in the Horn of Africa, Aymen is currently planning his escape from Tunisia. He’s plotting where he’s going, country, city, neighborhood, strategically planning where his life as a gay Tunisian might be easier, with less restrictions and above all less fear. In the coming year, … Continue reading

Isn’t it Time for the LGBT Community to Unify in Post-revolutionary Tunisia?

By Idriss The Tunisian society has a different idea of “tolerance” than the western countries. Tolerance in Tunisia is here often called “respect”, but is not a tolerance by conviction, but by tradition and expectations of the society.  Well this is a question that I want to address to everyone who believes in Human Rights. … Continue reading

Thoughts on Homosexuality in Tunisia

Its Gay Pride month and how shameful to find out that a face book event calling for the first gay pride marsh to take place in Tunis got cancelled (or deleted over massive abuse reports?) and a new event got created instead: “Pour la marche ANTI-“Gay Pride” en TUNISIE” means “For an ANTI-Gay Pride marsh … Continue reading