Massive Killings of LGBTQ and Emo youth in Iraq – What is the story?

Since 6th of February there have been continuous reports of massacres of youth who do not conform to a strict normative dress code and/or sexualities, up 90 people have been killed so far. Attacks, kidnapping torture and murder of ‘Emo’ youth (roughly equivalent to Punk/Goths) and individuals perceived as gay, lesbian or trans continue to … Continue reading

Testimony: Share your Story, Make your voice Heard

Do what you love and Do it often I’m pleased to share with you the exciting news about the launch of Testimony. Testimony is a creative exhibition of queer voices from all over the world  recently launched by the Coalition for Queer Youth. Launched in March 2011, Coalition for Queer Youth was created for ALL LGBTQ youth … Continue reading