Gay Aries

Birthdays: Mar 21 – Apr 19

Element: Fire

Planetary Ruler: Mars

Quality: Fixed

Polarity: +

Stones: Ruby, Diamond

Keywords: Independent, Pioneer, Fighter, Actor and Leader


Profile & Characteristics — The ram first appeared as a symbol in early Egypt. It was depicted as the head of Amun, considered to be the leading deity whom all other gods followed. Aries is a leader by right of its position as first in the zodiac. Occurring at the beginning of spring, Aries represents the latent life-force of the previous cycle just starting to create growth. Its enterprising nature is reflective of the force of this energy reserve, ready to renew itself in actualization. To be independent, self-assertive, and to set an action in motion are all Aries’ prime objectives.

Normally brave and courageous, Aries can be depended upon to assess a situation, take charge and act without delay in an emergency. However, their ambition, enthusiasm and need to see quick results may outweigh their capacity for patience and follow-through. All Aries should count to 10 before acting and speaking, so as to weed out any tendencies toward rash, impulsive and reckless action. Aries will have to incorporate discipline as well as cooperation, if they want their creative potential to be fully expressed and for the projects they begin to be brought to fruition.

Love & Feelings — An Aries represents the beginning point of when a person becomes aware of his or herself. Arians can be self-absorbed and innocently unaware of others’ feelings. They easily gain others’ interest and respect with their enthusiasm, but to be able to garner and maintain their support will require diplomacy, flexibility, tolerance, prudence, compassion and consideration.

They endear themselves to others with their ability to make them laugh. As lovers, they can be passionate, warmhearted, ardent and generous with their affections. They enjoy the chase, finding the contest exciting, but after making a conquest, they may cool very quickly. Their best relationship will be with someone independent and self-assured, glamorous, charming, warm and dramatic, who thrives on the energy of love and excitement.

They could meet their type at entertainment venues, amusement parks, social clubs, gambling casinos, golf courses, parties, picnics, vacation resorts, sports events, playgrounds, the stage, or in theaters, poolrooms, or ballrooms.

Sexual Behaviors & Performance — Sexually, Aries tend to be tops.

Aries Tops
With Aries that sexually tend to be tops is like playing croquet with live bombs — never knowing what is going to happen! Never expect Aries who are tops to wait for you to be ready, as your clothes will be ripped off when they are ready to go. Never tease a top Aries or you better be ready to deliver. Fond of slave master games top Aries likes it rough and they like to explore, so be ready to go where no one has gone before! Their favorite sex position is missionary, fast and furious.

Aries Bottoms
Aries bottoms are wildly sensual, passionate and adventurous. They will have sex anywhere. They know what they want — intense and frequent sex! Bottom Aries have a need for complete control, but they also fall in love with love. As a mate, they are ardent, loyal, sentimental, and earthly. Bottom Aries biggest thrill is to tickle and their favorite sex position is on their knees with their sexual partner standing in front of them.

Health Characteristics — Work-related stress, worry, anxiety, frustration, anger and impatience could bring on headaches, dizziness, fevers, insomnia, nosebleeds and sinus or ear problems. Aries rules the head, and they have a predisposition for head and facial injuries through accidents caused by haste. If they find mystery cuts and bruises, they should slow down and pace themselves.

Stress affecting their nerves can even cause bowel or abdominal disorders. For their well-being, can alleviate stress with exercise and cranial massages; adopt a vegetarian diet; and eat regular, relaxed meals, avoiding stimulants like excessive alcohol, caffeine and drugs.

In The Work Place — When combining their will to achieve with their ambitious nature and pioneering spirit, Aries become well-equipped to reach their goals. New, uncharted ground will offer them the most complete freedom to express their true self. Once they decide to work for the benefit of humankind, they’ll have the right motive to lead them down the employment path best suited to approaching their lofty position.

They develop their analytical abilities to raise their success quotient. They’re suited for sciences related to medicine, surgery, chemistry, pharmacy, holistic healing, hygiene, physical fitness, dietetics and food products. Arians could succeed as computer technicians or programmers, systems analysts, trade or union leaders, army, navy or police officers, firemen, surgeons or teachers. Hobbies can include weaving, drumming, fencing, wrestling, boxing and performing on the stage.


4 Responses to “Aries”
  1. Dwain says:

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  2. I do consider all of the concepts you have introduced on your post.
    They are really convincing and will definitely work.
    Nonetheless, the posts are very short for beginners.
    Could you please lengthen them a little from subsequent time?
    Thanks for the post.

  3. Kyle says:

    Omg this is completely Aries. lol. Seems like a lot of Aries are tops. Are there any bottoms who like to chase? That’d be interesting.

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