Gay Taurus

Birthdays: Apr 20 – May 20

Element: Earth

Planetary Ruler: Venus

Quality: Fixed

Polarity:  –

Stones: Turquoise, Sapphire

Keywords: Producer, Possessor, Enjoyer, Owner and Maintainer

Profile & Characteristics — Worship of Taurus’ symbol, the bull, was celebrated during the Taurean Age, which extended from about 4,000 to 2,000 B.C. The bull’s horns represented fertility, growth, and generation, analogous to spring, when the earth is fertile and everything is growing abundantly. Living under the first earth sign in the zodiac, Taureans appreciate all the good things the physical world has to offer. In fact, the more beautiful and sensually pleasing something is, the better. They cherish luxurious material goods, fine food, financial growth, culture and everything that is pleasurable and comforting, and they don’t mind working hard or long to acquire it.

It is Taurus’ motivating force. Their practical, down-to-earth qualities and their ability to be totally focused might go to waste if there weren’t some material reward to be gained. They enjoy making steady progress along constructive lines, and pursue goals with persistence and determination. Their patience and tolerance stem from their self-reliance. Taureans know they have the willpower and tenacity to bring about whatever they desire through routine and regularity, but if thier pattern has been interrupted or they’re overextended, they can become impatient, obstinate, argumentative and cantankerous.

Love & Feelings — They are normally sincere, genuinely sympathetic, charming, easy-going and amusing with a comforting, earthy sense of humor. They create an aura of relaxation around them that others respond to with warmth, but their initial response to love is reserved and cautious.

Taureans need to know where they stand before letting their guard down. They respond to someone who’s attractive, neat, health conscious, modest, reliable, discreet, efficient, affectionate, loyal, helpful and thrifty. They could meet their type in cafés, restaurants, public gardens, libraries or at crafts fairs, produce markets, dairy farms.

Taureans also could be attracted to health professionals, sports figures, designers, social workers, scientists, public servants or people working in communications or with computers. Regular demonstrations of physical tenderness help keep them healthy and well balanced, strengthening their resolve to achieve.

Sexual Behaviors & Performance — Sexually, Taureans tend to be tops.

Taurean Tops
They prefer it slow and easy. They will not be a guide to the exotic unknown, but what they do sexually they do it beautifully. Taurean tops are great partners to have around for long and luxurious oral sex, but they may tend to wander if their needs are not substancially fulfilled. Their erogenous zone: gently and slowly kiss and bite the back of their neck.

Taurean Bottoms
They expect their sexual partner to be kind and patient and to make love to them by the book. They like to be pleased by sex, but don’t look for unusual approaches. They are demanding lovers and leave their sexual partners breathless. They also have a need for oral gratification. Their most likely kink biting and sucking on toes, one by one.

Health Characteristics — They could develop health problems as a result of emotional distress caused by their security being threatened, their normal routine being interrupted, or work dissatisfaction. Their neck, throat, tongue, tonsils and vocal chords are their vulnerable points.

Taureans derive great sensual pleasure from stimulating these areas of their body with food. Unfortunately, overindulgence could lead to obesity, eczema, diabetes and related complications. Immediate attention to any symptoms of illness involving kidneys and loins should be taken. Low-fat and low-sugar foods, drink plenty of water, and exercise are the solution. Taureans may enjoy dancing, aerobics, yoga, weight training, bowling or billiards. For hobbies, music, gardening, cleaning, crafts or volunteer work.

In The Work Place — Taurus pursue their goals with persistence, determination and tenacity, and they understand the importance of system, method and order. They’re a dependable, steady, well organized worker and enjoy camaraderie on the job. They’re adept in business and finance and prefer a position that offers security and long-term benefits.

They could start off in banking, manufacturing, real estate, landscaping or gardening. If they’re artistically inclined, they might opt for music, poetry, singing, painting, modeling, sculpting, decorating, set design, image consulting, clothing design or a position in the beauty field. Eventually they may embrace humanitarian, philanthropic, scientific, religious or civic activities and become an innovator in their field. A prerequisite for their peace of mind is that their work environment be comfortable and harmonious.


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