Gay Aquarius

Birthdays: Jan 20 – Feb 18

Element: Air

Planetary Ruler: Saturn, Uranus

Quality: Fixed

Polarity: +

Stones: Blue Sapphire

Keywords: Liberator, Knower, Reformer, Innovator and Researcher


Profile & Characteristics — The ancient Egyptians associated Aquarius with a vital spiritual force that nourished and renewed life. Pictured as a man or woman pouring life-giving waters from an urn, the symbol portrays humanitarian efforts to nourish the earth with the spirit of collective humanity through communication of ideas and feelings. New life springs up with water –Aquarius is associated with what is new. They’re often first at thinking and doing things that others follow. They’re an idealistic, independent, inventive thinker — quick-witted, positive, excitable and, when necessary, aggressive and combative. Their vision, purpose, or ideal is sharing their brilliant ideas with others in an effort to enlighten them for their own good.

Their sympathetic nature causes them to deeply sense mankind’s suffering. Consequently, their attitude toward others is generous, kind, and humane. Guided by their innate foresight and appreciation for the brotherhood of man, they envision a utopian future for the human race in which everyone treats each other alike, regardless of gender, color, nationality or background. Aquarians are aroused to contribute to society by dispensing their humanitarian ideals, and carefully ponder the most expedient ways to inspire understanding among others. Realistic, practical, determined, persistent and faithful, they can become melancholic, despondent, retiring, stubborn, aggressive or rebellious when restricted.

Love & Feelings — Aquarians can quickly assess a person’s character, because outer appearances don’t impress them. Open-minded, they take to strangers easily, but have to be careful of others playing on their sympathy.

They approach love with their head, are turned on by mental stimulation, and seek to experience a mind-meld with a lover. They can be fickle, flirtatious, indecisive and double-dealing, and they prefer affairs to commitments, but they could vow loyalty if they meet a compatible communicator with a sunny disposition who’s glamorous, noble and ardent.

Aquarians can meet their type in their immediate neighborhood, libraries, bookstores, primary school, through siblings or personal ads, on short journeys, via the telephone, computer, or around newspapers, news, magazines, lectures, debates or teaching.

Sexual Behaviors & Performance — Sexually, Aquareans tend to be tops.

Aquarean Tops
They never treat their partners like sex objects and prefer a variety of foreplay before getting down to it. They might need a jump start, but once their engine is started, they are free and inventive with amazing persistance. They are likely to give their partner an orgasm before their have one themselves. Aquarean tops usally ensure orgasms twice: once orally and once genitally. Their favorite position is 69 and they love being in charge behind someone leaning forward.

Aquarean Bottoms
They are slow starters; they idealize love and encompass it with tenderness. Once aroused though, anything goes! Aquarean bottoms are extremely imaginative and like trying new things. There is nothing in any sex manual that they will not try. They believe that anything that increases their partners’ pleasure is worthwhile. Their favorite sexual position is standing up, preferably in the water.

Health Characteristics — Maintaining healthy eating habits is most important to Aquarian’s physical well-being. And one thing that really makes them feel good is a home-cooked meal like the kind Mom used to make; unless, of course, Mom’s food was greasy, sugared, or fried and laced with condiments. In that case, it’s time to develop a taste for more wholesome, cleaner food.

Aquarians need to eat airy/watery foods like fresh vegetables and fruit to keep the blood in good condition. The nervous and digestive systems are closely aligned, so Aquarianns should be relaxed at meal time. Stomach or digestive disorders are probably symptoms of nervous stress or tension. Pacing while exercising and moving around to protect vulnerable areas — limbs from the knees to the ankles — from accidents. Aquarians need plenty of fresh air (preferably by the sea) and regular eye exams.

In The Work Place — Aquarians would be happiest and most comfortable working in their own home or in a family-based business. They want to use their mind in inventive, enterprising or scientific work that’s emotionally and creatively satisfying and offers security.

They should consider employment connected to the public, bodies of water, the beach, housing, agriculture, catering, ships, hotels, laundries, groceries, restaurants, music and singing, or silver. Possibilities for career choices include surgery, research, detection and investigation, tax or financial consulting, politics, electronic engineering, social services, psychiatry, hypnotherapy, astrology, or insurance brokerage.



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    I truly have a tendency to agree with the whole thing
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    So true. Specialty for the food and sex part. Good job

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  6. Love it, gay puerto rico love horoscope theories.

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