Gay Sagittarius

Birthdays: Nov 22 – Dec 21

Element: Fire

Planetary Ruler: Jupiter

Quality: Mutable

Polarity: +

Stones: Amethyst, Turquoise

Keywords: Seeker, Explorer, Traveller, Understanding and Believer


Profile & Characteristics — The Centaur-Archer is associated with Chiron, the wise centaur of Greek mythology, and some say with Artemis, the Lady of Wild Beasts and goddess of the hunt. Half-man and half-horse, the centaur points a bow and arrow straight up to the heavens, symbolic of aiming for a direction, goal or target. Sagittarians usually have more than one objective or destination that they are aiming for and prefer to follow their own course unhampered by any type of restrictions. They’re a dual sign with their feet on the ground and their head angled toward the heavens. Their earthly animal side is drawn to the open road, where they relish speeding on a quest for adventure and knowledge. Luckily, they’re blessed with foresight that verges on the prophetic. That protects them — to an extent — from misadventure.

Whether they’re running a race, arguing a case or teaching, they live for self-expression and desire diverse outlets to exert their spirited energy. They are enthusiastic, gregarious, generous and cheerful. But watch out: Their lightheartedness and penchant for exaggeration can be misleading. When they project their thoughts and knowledge in earnest, their listeners learn. It’s the spirit of the human upper half of the centaur that yearns to know all the answers and to find the truth that will set us free. And it’s in their altruistic nature to share what they’ve learned with others. Experience and embarrassment will temper their tendency to be recklessly outspoken and tactless.

Love & Feelings — Their frank honesty, wisdom and sincerity makes them great counselors, but they most enjoy being able to talk with others of equal or greater brain power, regardless of who they are.

Sagittarius’ love for diversity extends to romance. They’re nervous about commitment. They want to be with someone who’s pioneering, courageous, exciting, enthusiastic and up-to-speed intellectually and energetically.

They could meet their type among firemen, military personnel, the police force, manufacturers, metal workers, explorers, engineers, mechanics, surgeons, in hardware stores, hat departments, theaters, casinos, sports arenas or amusement parks.

Sexual Behaviors & Performance — Sexually, Sagittareans tend to be versatile.

Sagittarean Tops
Sex is rarely an intense experience with them, they often reach orgasm too quickly, however they will be the first to try a new position. Sagittarean tops are masters at giving erotic massages – both oral and manual. Their tongue can be a wicked instrument and when combined with lips they are able to provide undescrivable pleasure.

Sagittarean Bottoms
Trying new things and new places enchants the wanderlust in Sagittarean bottoms. They like the outdoors, freaking out if you are inside a tent or camper. They like to tease their partner orally to the point of losing control. They usually don’t mind if their partner reaches orgasm before they do, as they are good at recharging them and going for seconds. They are generous and accepting lovers and thrive in becoming experts at satisfying. Their favorite sexual position: all as long as it’s naked.

Health Characteristics — Sagittarius has dominion over the hips and thighs, body areas intended for locomotion. Getting outside and running, walking, cycling or skating will help clear thoughts and release nervous tension.

Sagittarius gastronomic tastes and propensity toward overindulgence could take its toll on the liver, the most vulnerable organ, not to mention expand the figure. Substitute olive and other vegetable oils for saturated fat, moderate alcohol intake, increase dietary fiber, eat lots of plant foods and take antioxidants to stay in top shape. Finally, precautions with throat should be taken.

In The Work Place — Sagittarius might choose to work independently or on a free-lance basis, while trying to incorporate work with travel, variety, and flexibility.

They may explore many different careers before settling on one or two and establishing a priority of service to others. They could excel in fields related to communications, education, publishing, the judicial system, politics, sports, art, design, theology, finances, real estate, nursing, nutrition, health food, farming, veterinary science and travel.



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