Gay Cancer

Birthdays: Jun 22 – Jul 22

Element: Water

Planetary Ruler: Moon

Quality: Cardinal

Polarity: –

Stones: Moonstone, Pearl

Keywords: Protector, Feeler, Dreamer, Securer and Responder


Profile & Characteristics — In ancient Egypt, the scarab beetle represented Cancer and symbolized the immortal life of the soul. Later, the crab became associated with Cancer. Both symbols have hard shells that provide security for their interiors, just as the body is a vehicle for the soul. And like the crab who carries its home on its back, Cancers carry memories of home and family with them wherever they go. They are sensitive and receptive to emotional stimuli. They rely on their feelings to navigate their path in life and possess incisive emotional perception that verges on the psychic. Cancers are impressionable, and their sensitivity to jarring external forces requires them to constantly reestablish emotional balance to function outside their shell.

Memories of their early childhood emotional dependence and parental nurturing — whether optimal or dismal — are a permanent reminder of the importance of feeling safe. Once Cancers get their grip on anyone or anything that makes them feel secure, they want to hold on to it, store it or stockpile it. They form emotional attachments to belongings that have sentimental value and will even accumulate things that they feel they may eventually need through some unforeseen circumstance. When their level of security is undermined, particularly by domestic disturbances, they can lose they equilibrium, becoming irritable, hypersensitive, snappy, unforgiving, self-pitying and brooding.

Love & Feelings — On good days, they’re naturally inclined toward fun and leisure, and attract others with their dry wit and pronounced sense of humor. They have a knack for making others feel right at home, because they enjoy nurturing and catering to their needs. Their ideal relationship is based on mutual needs and strong values.

Cancers require loyalty, devotion, trust and sympathy, and want someone who’s passionate, intense, energetic, soulful and positive. Timid by nature, they are not aggressive in their approach to love. They send out vibrations of feelings to attract their intended, who they prefer is receptive on a psychic level.

Cancers could meet their type among psychiatrists, dentists, tax consultants, butchers, detectives, pharmacists, funeral directors, insurance brokers, chemists, surgeons, researchers or magicians.

Sexual Behaviors & Performance — Sexually, Cancers tend to be bottoms.

Top Cancers
Their most surprising technique: is doing it with no hands. Top Cancers have a need for constant encouragement and if gotten, they will be even better tops. Both patient and aggressive, they will often begin somewhere other than the bed. Top Cancers like to be in command, and they are masters at foreplay using their fingers to satisfy. Top Cancers may give their partners one of the best orgasms they have ever had. Their favorite position: if it’s sexual, it’s their favorite!

Bottom Cancers
They will never make the first move, but they can be great sexual partners because they are capable of intense sexuality. They will reciprocate passion with fervor and stimulate their partners to their best performance. On their own time, they have a fondness for masturbation. Their favorite position is on all fours with a partner behind. They may become slaves to sexual pleasure!

Health Characteristics — Their state of health is dependent upon their emotional stability and their ability to give and receive nurturing. Cancers have dominion over the breasts, chest, womb, stomach and digestive organs, but also can be vulnerable in the hips, thighs and pelvis. If experiencing digestive disorders, they’re more likely to be a symptom of inner conflicts than something they ate. Wholesome foods rather than processed junk should be chosen. Stimulants should be avoided because their system is too sensitive for them. Also avoid unhealthy dairy products and animal fats.

Cancers should be careful not to get caught in a web of alcoholic overindulgence. They should get off the couch and outdoors to air out their emotional reservoir and exercise by going bike riding, roller blading, jogging, swimming or horseback riding.

In The Work Place — Cancers affinity for parenthood extends to leadership in business or career. Their co-workers or employees become their extended family, and Cancers promote teamwork with a sense of fair play and optimism. Variety is essential in their work, but their security needs may dictate that they eschew the free-lance workstyle for a job that provides a regular income and proximity to home.

Cancers might choose to work in fields associated with long-distance travel, foreign interests, sales, importing and exporting, hotels, household management, education, law, politics, sports, advertising, religion, fire-fighting or the military. Their propensity toward independence and self-assertive action marks them for a position of leadership.



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