Gay Gemini

Birthdays: May 21 – Jun 21

Element: Air

Planetary Ruler: Mercury

Quality: Mutable

Polarity: +

Stones: Yellow Carnelian Agate

Keywords: Thinker, Communicator, Learner, Amuser and Trader


Profile & Characteristics — The Twins, incorporated in most of the mythologies of advanced cultures, represent the duality of Gemini. In the zodiac cycle, their mental element of air is added to the inner fiery life spark of Aries and the earthiness of Taurus to produce the third sign, Gemini. But the air (heaven) is above the earth and therein lies the split or duality. Their role is to use their instinctive mind and ambidextrous abilities to alleviate contradictions. Fortunately, diversity and variety turn Gemini on. They enjoy mental recreation, but they also appreciate traveling in search of adventure and amusement. Curious and inquiring, they collect information and facts and can learn by osmosis.

It’s their bridge to understanding and unity. Their enjoyment of the use of words enhances their ability to converse. Gemini are quick, perceptive, clever, playful and imaginative, and they express themselves to feel alive. Though their content may not be the most profound, their engaging manner and interesting tales charm their audience. Like air, they feel fresh when they can move around mentally and physically unrestricted. But when traveling, they’re likely to take along beepers, mobile phones, laptop computers, portable radios and televisions, and remote controls. Gemini like being busy, juggling two or more things at once. Boredom, censure or repression could make them impatient, restless, anxious, snappish, sarcastic, gossipy, cynical or nervously exhausted.

Love & Feelings — Their nature is to be enthusiastically sociable, and it is easy to mix with people, because of their inherent proclivity for light conversation and humor. Gemini initial attraction toward others is based on mental compatibility.

Romance, affection and sexual expression come after they’ve found intellectual sympathy and satisfaction. They love romance, but approach it mentally, not emotionally. They’re fond of exchanging verbal expressions of love and, in addition to enjoying passionate phone calls, they may write poetry or send frequent greeting cards.

Gemini would do best with someone of good social standing who is diplomatic, cooperative, affectionate, charming, artistic and well balanced. They could meet their type in jewelry or clothing boutiques, museums, galleries, at weddings, or at interior design, poetry, music, or fine art events.

Sexual Behaviors & Performance — Sexually, Geminis tend to be versatile.

Top Geminis
They like it with the light on in front of the mirror. They can work any sexual partner into the mood because they know exactly how to evoke the right responses. Oral sex may not be their favorite pastime, but they will take their time with other preliminaries. Top Geminis tend to be fast and furious, more concerned with satisfying themselves than their partner, but they are more adequate in area of sex that are often neglected by others. Top Geminis can tell their partner exactly what they want to hear. Their erogenous zone: is getting licked up the arm.

Bottom Geminis
Othen the aggressors, they are never embarased by their behavior because the never adhere to any standards except their own main requirement: a partner that knows how not to rush. Geminis are good bottoms, but even in a sexual encounter they look for a combination of practicality and romance. They will want to talk to their partner and tumble with them! Bottom Geminis are not overly fond of oral sex, but their favorite gadget is a vibrating dildo.

Health Characteristics — Gemini find creative expression through beauty and the arts, as well as socializing, but their health could suffer from plain old nervous exhaustion, if they burn the candles at both ends. The stress of going through any heavy, psychological, transformative life lessons could get them down.

Their vulnerable physical points are their hands, arms, shoulders, lungs, nervous system, and reproductive and urinary systems. They should regulate their schedule and get plenty of sleep, fresh air and sunshine. They should avoid stimulants like caffeine and alcohol, drink lots of water and get plenty of fiber in their diet.

In The Work Place — Gemini have a wide range of artistic and creative abilities and want a career that’s stimulating, varied and interesting. They are convincing speakers and can influence the public. They should consider careers in teaching, communication, telecommunications, broadcasting, writing, lecturing, investigative news research and reporting, or journalism.

Their curious, penetrating intellect could lead them to work in investigation, detection, and research, or as psychiatrists, psychologists, counselors or therapists. Investment brokerage firms, collection agencies, banks, accounting and bookkeeping firms, insurance agencies and government posts are possibilities for work, as well as free-lance tax consulting, financial advising or sales. Gemini could make a successful career out of hobbies in music, dance, drawing, design and painting.



3 Responses to “Gemini”
  1. Lily Cai says:

    awesome . i’m the top type Gemini XD

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  3. Brett says:

    Feminist. Sucky and just shifty traitors

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