Call for IGLYO Member Organizations: Boycott the General Assembly in Tel Aviv

Published on Bekhsous. Please read this previous call for IGLYO members to vote NO to IGLYO in Israel.   Dear IGLYO Board of Directors, Member Organizations and Supporters, It is with great disappointment that we received the voting results from IGLYO regarding the upcoming General Assembly meeting in Tel Aviv in 2011. We were deeply disheartened to learn … Continue reading

History of Anti-Gay Marriage

The topic of gay marriage has only recently become a widely-debated issue. Gay couples began to demand equal civil rights, including the right to the legal protections of marriage, in the early 1970s. But public comment against gay marriage didn’t begin until material moves toward legalizing the act were made. As a consequence, anti-gay marriage … Continue reading

BREAKING NEWS: Historic Decision: UN Human Rights Council Passes First-Ever Resolution on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity

Adapted from the ILGA: INTERNATIONAL LESBIAN, GAY, BISEXUAL, TRANS AND INTERSEX ASSOCIATION   Today’s resolution is the first UN resolution ever to bring specific focus to human rights violations based on sexual orientation and gender identity, and follows a joint statement on these issues delivered at the March session of the council. It affirms the universality … Continue reading

Gay Girl from Damascus is A 40-Year-Old Heterosexual White American Man

Tom MacMaster, a 40-year-old Middle East activist studying for a master at Edinburgh University, posted an update headlined “Apology to readers” declaring that, rather than a 35-year-old feminist and lesbian called Amina Abdallah Araf al Omari, he was “the sole author of all posts on this blog”. I never expected this level of attention. While the narrative … Continue reading

Call for IGLYO Member Organizations: Vote NO to IGLYO in Israel

  Dear IGLYO Member Organizations and Board of Directors, During the past week, we’ve had the pleasure of publicly discussing, with activists and organizations around the world, issues that shape the daily lives of Palestinians, straight and queer, living under Israeli occupation. As we write this letter, we cannot help but reflect on the historical … Continue reading

Let’s Talk About Lesbian Bed Death

If you’re not familiar with the term, lesbian bed death is the phenomenon that is said to occur between long term lesbian couples where their sex life essentially comes to a screeching halt. When I first heard about the possibility of lesbian bed death, I took a personal vow to do what ever could so … Continue reading

On the EuroPride March: Lady Gaga speaks out for LGBT rights in the Middle East

Rome – Last night, Lady Gaga, the queer celebrity pop queen, sealed EuroPride March in Rome with a inspiring call to governments to defend LGBT rights and end discrimination and censorship. “Today and every day we fight for freedom. We fight for justice. We beckon for compassion, understanding and above all we want full equality NOW,” … Continue reading

Catching Up With Mark Kanemura

Lady Gaga’s back-up dancer talks about working with the most famous woman in the world, starring on So You Think You Can Dance, and why he never felt the need to publicly come out before this interview.   If you’ve seen Lady Gaga dance, you’ve probably seen Mark Kanemura dance. He’s the one dancing alongside her — … Continue reading

Puerto Rican Activists Demand Hate Crimes Charges in LGBT Murders

Activists are demanding that a series of killings of gays, lesbians and transgenders in Puerto Rico be treated as possible hate crimes, saying there is an alarming rate of violence against these groups on the U.S. island. In the last year and a half, at least 18 such people have been killed, three of them … Continue reading

It Gets Better: The Song

It Gets Better started as a video campaign with a website and some merchandise. Now it’s a song. Broadway composer Andrew Lippa enlisted the musical theater students at Texas State University, where he is a composer in residence, to sing his latest piece. A music video of their recording is making the rounds on YouTube. … Continue reading