‘Icontroversy’, Italian Movie to Denounce Homophobia


From the first sight, ‘Icontroversy’ a short movie directed by Italian graphic designer and director Antonio Prisco gives a feel of anger, darkness and discontent.

The short movie to be first screened in Melbourne, Australia is a violent and personal view of the actual social and religious life in Italy.

The lead performer in the three minutes long movie is the beautiful but daring transgender, Lia Zeta, guiding through herself a glimpse at the life of less fortunate people who did not have much choice with life.  

‘Icontroversy was shot using an iPhone and a little bit of anger during 2 hours at my friend’s house, near Naples, Italy’. Said Prisco.

‘She works on the streets, every night. She couldn’t choose anything else. This little experimental work is about her, for being my muse, my mother and my brave guy’. Added Prisco.

In the movie, ‘Lia Zeta’ represents a transfiguration of Jesus Christ. Throughout the movie she’s a sort of Godess, a victim and a saint.

Verses of the Holy Bible featured during the movie seem misleading in supporting the movie’s cause.

Regarding the idea behind ‘Icontroversy’, Antonio explains, ‘during the last years here in Italy but also in Europe, politicians seem to be keen on imposing their opinions regarding gay rights and gay marriage more than ever. 

The problem is that their opinions are influenced by their personal believes and are absolutely medieval and fascist most of the times. Their claims are seen to be fair and they are practicing their right of “freedom of expression”. This shocks me. I don’t feel safe and protected; most of my friends are leaving the country’. Claimed Antonio.

‘I don’t want to be a victim. I feel like a knight. I have my opinions, my ideas and my art. That’s why I decided to start expressing my opinion about the current situation of ‘queer’ individuals’. Added Prisco.

‘We are all guilty of today’s Homophobia, Transphobia, Racism and all kinds of violence against minorities. We need to be more courageous and get involved in trying to change things affecting us.

Click here to watch the trailer of forthcoming ‘Icontroversy’.

In Short:
Original Title / Titolo Originale: Icontroversy
Director / Regia: Antonio Prisco
Country / Paese: Italy
Cast / Interpreti: Lia Zeta
Production / Produzione: JimbusCorp
Genre / Genere: Experimental/Drama
Format / Formato: Dvd – DVC PRO50 – Pal
Duration / Durata: 2:59
Year / Anno: 2012
First showing in / Anteprima: Australia (Melbourne) 





One Response to “‘Icontroversy’, Italian Movie to Denounce Homophobia”
  1. Luís S. says:

    Congratulations for your work! I am very proud of you and wish you all the best.

    Luís S.

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