On a hunger strike for a universal decriminalisation of homosexuality

Because they believe that getting a UN resolution is an emergency, three militants of the IDAHO Committee have stopped eating since Monday. The ‘Quai d’Orsay’, calls for “more time”.

Louis George Tin

IDAHO commemorates every 17th of May the International Day against Homophobia and Trans-phobia. 

The three members’ demand is for France to actively engage in the maneuvers to present a draft resolution to the United Nations for the universal decriminalisation of homosexuality.

This action is urgent. ‘The support of the United States is essential’, says the IDAHO committee members. ‘Only the Barack Obama’s administration is likely to work on such resolution before it faces the upcoming November elections’. ‘If the Conservatives win the elections, we could no longer count on the United States support, and any hope for the resolution to pass will be suspended for the next four or eight or twelve years.’ Warn the activists.

The hunger strike is a reaction to the ‘shameful inaction of the government’. Francois Hollande, the newly elected French President who have not yet get installed at the Elysée Palace, had promised Louis-Georges Tin of trying to pass such a resolution. He had already promised the same in an interview that appeared prior his election on French LGBT magazine, TÊTU.

The Quai d’Orsay thinks there is no reason for such rush. It reminds that the new ministerial cabinet has been installed only for a month so far; the teams are primarily engaged with the crisis in Syria. ‘We need more time; diplomacy cannot work out in a few days. France remains committed to the file and, by the end of the year, success seems possible.’

Such view is not satisfactory at all for Louis-Georges Tin, ‘when Rama Yade worked with the Netherlands, she managed to pass a simple statement for the universal decriminalization. The active work began on the eve of May 17, 2008. This time for a resolution that is much more compelling, it has less time!’

‘Why then the U.S. would be important for every action against homophobia in the world?’ asks TÊTU.  ‘Because we cannot do without the world’s first diplomacy’ responds Louis-Georges Tin.

‘Of course there is anti-Americanism in the world that can put off. But Hillary Clinton in particular has a very personal commitment to the LGBT cause. Like it or not, even if our chauvinism makes us forget, we have no equivalent in France; commitment and effectiveness wise.’ He adds.

H. Clinton’s declaration to step down from her position as Secretary of State, whether B. Obama gets elected or not, is one more reason to act urgently.’ Says the committee members.

On Wednesday 27th, the three activists were in a stable condition and say they ‘remain committed’. They reassure themselves of the government’s ability to listen, which announced on their first day of hunger strike a meeting to take place Thursday between government officials and pro-LGBT groups like ILGA International, Human rights Watch, Amnesty International, Aids, Inter-LGBT or the Federation of Leagues of human Rights.

‘Our strike has reacted, but I’m not sure they are really convinced so far’, sighs Louis-Georges Tin.

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