Two Mommy’s and Me

By Erin Kiniry

Most of my friends have a Mommy and Daddy,
And just like me they are probably happy.
But I am lucky, you see, with two Mommy’s and me,
We do lots of fun stuff, just us three.

We run on the beach, we walk on the pier
We build sandy castles with shell souvenirs
We look for whales, we hide from sharks
We also are known to have picnics in parks.

On those drab rainy days we paint, sing or color
Or perhaps we’ll read books, to make me a scholar.
Of course, gloomy days are good for naps too
Or maybe we’ll make a new craft with some glue.

My Mommy’s love holidays, that much is clear
Christmas is favored with snow and good cheer.
We decorate our house from top to bottom
And usually start at the first sign of Autumn.

They tuck me in and wake me up
They pour me orange juice in a cup
They help me brush my teeth and hair
And help me pick out what to wear.

They cook me dinner and breakfast too
They even take me to the zoo.
We ride our bikes and play with chalk
They always listen when I talk.

I love my Mom’s an awful lot
And hope that you, my dear, were taught
That you may have a Mommy, and also a Daddy
But that is no reason for treating me badly
I am lucky, you see, with two Mommy’s and me
Because it’s love that makes a family.

Erin Kiniry is 25 year-old heterosexual woman, born into a large and loving family of five sisters and a Mother and Father, all whom support gay rights fully and proudly. She was born and raised on California’s central coast and graduated from San Francisco State in 2008 with a degree in History, but always had a passion for writing. It is her hope and dream, to see this as an illustrated children’s book in stores across the nation someday.

3 Responses to “Two Mommy’s and Me”
  1. Dore says:


  2. catherine says:

    Such a sweet story.

  3. Rj says:

    Warm and lovely

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