On the EuroPride March: Lady Gaga speaks out for LGBT rights in the Middle East

Rome – Last night, Lady Gaga, the queer celebrity pop queen, sealed EuroPride March in Rome with a inspiring call to governments to defend LGBT rights and end discrimination and censorship.

“Today and every day we fight for freedom. We fight for justice. We beckon for compassion, understanding and above all we want full equality NOW,” she roared to a cheered by hundreds of thousands people at Rome’s ancient Circus Maximus.

“We have the same DNA. We were just ‘born this way’,” she said, using the title of her latest hit album that was recently banned in Lebanon.

she said she was “angry” and singled out several governments in Europe and the Middle East she said discriminated against gays.

“I am aware that many countries and governments worldwide still restrict their citizens from reading about LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) issues and this is what means the most to me in my career. I want all of your stories to be heard by the world,” she said.

She mentioned Russia, Poland, Lithuania, Hungary, Lebanon and governments in East Europe and the Middle East.

“We stand here to demand an end to intolerance,” she cried out proceeding to sing some of her songs whilst playing a grand piano.

All this in dyed green hair and an outfit by the late fashion designer Gianni Versace!


By GayMiddleEast

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